Meet the Game Changers Team

Mark Dent

Managing Director

Mark joined the CMR Group in 1995 and became Managing Director of Sample Answers in 2001, where he grew that company to a turnover of over £1million. After a period as Business Development Director for the Americas he was appointed Managing Director of CMR in 2016 with the primary responsibility to build the Prime Prospect brand.  After completing his HND in Computer Studies from Kingston University, Mark started his career at Infratest Burke Ltd. where he worked as a data and analytics executive. In 1995 Mark left Infratest to join CMR as the Bureau Services Manager for Eole (UK) ltd until he moved across to Sample Answers. Mark has a keen interest in sport, especially football, golf and cricket. As a manager he always believes it’s good to get someone else to do what’s needed – a recommendation he makes to all our potential clients.

Christine Senior

Marketing Manager

Christine joined the company in 2013 after working as a clothing merchandise assistant for Sainsbury’s, following her graduation from Kingston University with a Masters’ degree in Business Management. As our clients quickly learn, Christine has a wide business experience, having worked throughout her university career in such areas as Economic Development, Marketing and the Retail Industry. She successfully combines that experience with a thorough understanding of modern communications that fills her work with creativity and efficiency.  Above all Christine is a team player and is a great addition to every team.

Tony Dent


Tony originally formed Computing Marketing and Research (CMR) in 1988 to provide statistical consultancy services to a range of clients including Barclays Bank, IBM, Hewlett Packard and a number of smaller businesses. In 1992 Tony also formed Sample Answers in partnership with Gwyn Redgers, to service the growing demand for sampling advice and services.These businesses were then formed into the CMR Group in 1995 and subsequently the majority of group trading was concentrated through the Sample Answers brand.  Recently we have turned our attention to the development of other CMR brands, in particular Prime Prospects with the game changer team.

Karisma Kawol

Design Consultant

Karisma is a recent addition to the team and contributes her creative design skills to provide distinctive images that help businesses to stand out from the competition. She graduated in 2009 with a BSc in Multimedia, Technology and Design from Brunel University and has subsequently used her intuition and experience to enhance every element of the marketing mix including; Social Media, Sales Literature, Websites, Promotional Merchandise, Logos and other important aspects of effective branding. Whatever the need for new and distinctive imagery, we are delighted to be able to let Karisma to add some charisma to our clients’ business development.

Robert Green

Photographer and videographer

Rob specialises in 360 Virtual Reality (VR) Photography and is a Google Trusted Street View photographer, creating VR tours for both Google Street View and clients’ websites. As a video producer, Rob creates a wide range of corporate videos for clients and is a fully CAA Approved, BNUCS Qualified and insured UAV (Drone) pilot.

Most of Rob’s video production work is for corporate clients. He has also produced ‘Front Line Battle Machines’, a series of 8 one hour documentaries for the Discovery channel. For the shoot, he spent 2 months in Helmand Province with the British armed forces, to review the equipment they use.

Corporate video work takes Rob all over the world, as far as Japan and across the UK. With a full range of modern kit, Rob allows us to offer in-house 4K UHD videos including aerial and time-lapse photography with graphics. Adding time-lapse and aerial footage to VR Tours proves popular for many Virtual Reality Tour clients.

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