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About our GDPR – Respondents, Research & the Law seminar

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You have nothing to fear from GDPR & PECR – as long as you embrace the legislation & obey the rules

                                          ‘6 months of GDPR – where are we now?                                                      

27th November 2018

Devon Suite, Grand Connaught Rooms, 61-65 Great Queen St. London WC2B 5DA 

After all the hype – find out what it really means

10 exceptional speakers, including a barrister, data experts, researchers and the chair of ESOMAR’s legal affairs committee, combine to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the impact of the legislation 6 months from its introduction.

Refreshments and lunch provided cost is £256.19 inclusive of booking fee and VAT.

The GDPR and the recently amended PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) affects every area of our lives from social issues such as health and welfare through such details as how schools deal with their data on pupils (and parents) and how employers store data on their employees.

Although we will highlight any significant concerns relating to these important areas, the primary focus for the day will be the activities of marketing and research. 


Venue:  The Devon Suite

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The objective of the seminar is to look beyond the practicalities associated with compliance to explore the key issues that may have been overlooked, or inadequately explored by researchers. Many of these are concerned with communicating the implications of the new legislation and include in particular:

  • The effect on respondents – does GDPR provide research with an opportunity to rebrand?  Ben Leet will be addressing this point supported by Allan Shaw
  • We also intend to explore the end client ‘scene’ – what steps will be taken to ensure compliance amongst suppliers and their subcontractors?  What ‘extra’ is needed to give them best comfort – or will the world be left in the clutches of just the big agencies? As you will see the speaker here is yet to be announced but we will be sure to cover this important aspect.

We are delighted to have Adam Phillips as our keynote speaker to place the introduction of GDPR in perspective as it relates to the MR code of practice over the years.

We are also pleased to have the benefit of a barrister to provide a whistle stop introduction to the key elements of the legislation.  Mike Mylne will provide a practical session that simply says – this is what we’re talking about! Mike has also agreed to stay through to the final open forum to address any ticklish legal questions that may arise.

The afternoon provides a more practical look at two important aspects of compliance, with Adam Williams covering the responsibilities of the Data Protection Officer and a second speaker emphasising the importance of maintaining data security. Both speakers will identify the benefits to be gained by adopting a positive attitude to such compliance.

Mike Cooke, Chairman of ESOMAR’s Legal Affairs Committee will provide the international perspective, including the following points:

  • Despite the ambition of the commission, it is likely that there will remain slightly different interpretations of the law across different European countries and that therefore researchers will need to be cognisant of the differences, because…
  • There is ‘no escape’ from the law through contracting work out to other countries.  It comes under the law wherever it is done, if it affects EU citizens.

Our final speaker is Wendy Allen who will review GDPR and the Social Media and the influence this may have on research, quite a hot topic with the concerns that have been thrown up recently by the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Finally we hope that the open forum session will provide the opportunity for some lively debate and that it will also illuminate some of the stranger aspects of GDPR that could cause trouble if ignored.   We might subtitle the forum as – “Things you might not have heard”!

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