Data Marketing Examples

Here are some examples that we’ve put together to help you get started.

  1. We managed marketing support for a major lubricants company for more than 8 years, providing a prospecting system for their client base as an added value, plus our full range of services should they need them.
  2. A Saab dealer in the Bristol area wanted to identify and locate all the Saab owners whose vehicles were older than three years old and mail them with details of a special offer. We had 1,500 in the postcodes selected. Providing better market penetration, more than any other supplier with car specific mailing data.
  3. A multi-franchise wanted our car specific data. Following the success of the initial Jaguar mailing, they came back to us for the Chryslers on our database and then the Ford dealerships came on board for their prospecting needs. Their spend-to-sales ratio to date is around £4 to every £1 spent.
  4. An Independent Financial Advisor in Wales wanted to target people in the Cardiff area of either sex who were between 38 and 58 years old, with their own homes and a relatively high level of affluence. A preliminary count, for which there was no charge, listed 7,539 people fitting this description in his area. He did not need this number of contacts, so we adjusted the profile for him, specifying a higher level of affluence. He eventually acquired the telephone numbers of 3,567 people from us and we had them checked through the Telephone Preference Service, as required by law.
  5. A UK holiday destination with 4 Villages required a drip-feed prospecting programme throughout the year. Small, targeted mailings with bespoke profiles were mixed and matched according to booking needs. Drive times and catchment overlaps were factored in.
  6. A niche holiday destination company wanted to reach households with:
    • People who take 3+ holidays a year
    • An income of over £100,000 pa
    • Children
    • Homes worth between £750,000 and £1.5 million
  7. A restaurant in Earl’s Court, London, wanted to promote to the neighbouring postal sector, to generate new business. 1,000 people who said they enjoyed eating out were targeted for £200. The exercise was repeated a year later.
  8. A privately owned wine merchant wanted to let his neighbourhood know they had moved into the area. We provided 1,200 people who have said they enjoy drinking wine, within a 5-minute drive time catchment. An income overlay was also used. A rise in new custom walked through the door.
  9. A new health product as part of its marketing mix, sent a mailshot with coupon to drive store traffic. We supplied people who need to watch their cholesterol, who shop in one of the 5 major stores holding the product, within a 15-minute drive time of 50 locations. The exercise has been repeated twice so far and budgets are being sourced for future campaigns.
  10. An upmarket hotel wanted to find more ‘ladies that lunch’ in the area to boost the lunchtime trade. We provided two specific groups: housewives with no children at home or children of school age, who drive an Audi TT, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar or Land Rover, plus a group of retired couples, who enjoy eating out, with high disposable income.
  11. A Further Education college needed to target parents of 15 and 16 year olds. They have ordered annually for the last 5 years.
  12. An IFA consortium mailed clients monthly for a number of years offering retirement advice. We helped the company for 6 years to draw people into a seminar in various parts of the country. 8% response was not unusual for each mailing.
  13. A new golf club chose us to arrange targeted mailings to generate enquiries and trial visits to the new course. The target membership was realised within four months of the campaign being launched. This put them eight months ahead of schedule and significantly reduced their overdraft.
  14. Franchises
  15. Start Ups
  16. Multinationals
  17. Fleet managers in the UK
  18. Mobiles phone contacts