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In more than 20 years of trading, we’ve developed close working relationships with leading providers of business and consumer marketing data around the world. These relationships enable us to provide a more comprehensive data service than any other supplier offering postal, telephone and email contact points. For our key UK and US markets we provide immediate access to data facilitating next day delivery at competitive prices. Many of our consumer lifestyle databases have more than 300 variables, to help put you in touch with your prime prospects. 


Our promise to you 

§    Flexibility: we can accommodate orders of any size from 1,000 records upwards.  

§    Fast Turnaround: we can normally deliver your order within 24 hours – some countries take longer.

§    Expert Advice: Our team of in-house experts is always available to provide you with the best recommendations on how to find hard to reach respondents. If we don’t have the solution in-house, we will invest time in seeking the best solution for your project free of charge.


Peace of mind 

Relax, when you choose Prime Prospects to deliver your data, you’ll gain a clear, complete and accountable record of your customer data that satisfies the most demanding compliance and ethical data checks. 


How do we do it? 

·       Access to international data partners – gives you the power to reach new customers throughout the globe.

·       More compliant – welcome to ethically managed, sourced and audited data.

·       Keep on good terms with your customers – deliver up to date news of products and services that match their needs.

·       Protect your brand – keep the power of your brand potent within the minds of your target audience.

·       Reliable source of data expertise – our team are experts in data compliance and protection and ethical data management policies.

·       Complete flexibility – choose to manage your campaign yourself or let us create and deliver it for you, with our full end-to-end services.  

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Millions of UK Consumer Prospects 

Each of our records comes complete with a full address and telephone and/or email when ordered. We have additional access to several million records with mobile numbers and email addresses, so you should easily be able to contact your marketing subjects. 

Of course, it is based on permission and therefore only includes people who have opted in to accept marketing communications. 

By combining our in-house database marketing services, we give you access to the UK’s largest consumer data pool.  We cover almost the entire adult population with a mix of postal, telephone and email data available. We have in excess of 30 million postal records, 3 million landlines and over 4 million mobiles TPS screened telephone records and 1 million email addresses.  


UK services include: 

·       Data validation 

·       Prospect file enhancement 

·       Modelling  

·       Segmentation 

·       Analytics 

UK Consumer enquiry examples

Enquiry 1:

A 50 mile radius of a specific postcode, for people aged 35-75, home owners, household income more than £40K, interested in Arts and Fine Arts and Antiques, postal only data.

Enquiry 2:

A 15 mile radius of a specific postcode, parents of children aged 15-16 years old, postal only data.


Millions of US Consumer Prospects

When we agree a campaign brief with you, the first thing we’ll do is look at your objectives and work out how to deliver the end to end household campaign in the US that you need to produce great results. 

Over 20 years in the marketplace gives us a good understanding of US markets. We provide high quality, compliant marketing data for business to customer marketing throughout the US. 

What’s more, we can provide every element of a successful direct marketing campaign for you through our services. Talk to us, we’re happy to manage the whole process for you based on your requirements. 

We help you to understand how your customers and prospects interact with your brand across all media channels. 

·       You can use our tried and tested services to create more effective and targeted marketing.

·       Know that we regularly conduct a comprehensive review of all our US data sources, to ensure that we only work with providers of the highest quality of data.

USA Consumer enquiry examples

Enquiry 1:

Cell phone contacts in specific Zip codes within the USA.

Enquiry 2:

Landlines for Spanish speakers by DMA.

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Millions of Consumer Prospects from around the world 

We’ve built up a network of Global suppliers over 20+ years of trading that provides access to data lists in almost every country in the world.  There are millions of people in millions of households across the world, which we individually source from trusted sources that comply with industry standards.  

When you make the decision to use Prime Prospects for your International Data Marketing, you know that you immediately achieve complete compliance.  

What’s more, we don’t just supply the data and leave you there. Our team are on hand to guide, reassure and help you at every stage of your campaign. We will:  

·       Ensure that we meet your precise data requirements.

·       Deliver the data you need – however challenging, unusual or complex.

International Consumer enquiry examples

Enquiry 1:

High Net Worth individuals from specific cities with email addresses.

Enquiry 2:

Expats living in specific cities.

Millions of UK Business Prospects 

In the UK we provide access to information across almost 3 million business locations, through our in-house databases. We source our mailing lists from two leading providers of B2B information. Each record holds a comprehensive range of business demographics, to ensure it will be of value to you. 

We utilise two separate marketing databases, to maximise the choice of records and variables in order to identify the right target for your needs. In this way, we can maximise our total coverage of the marketplace. 

Our business lists cover everything from sole traders through to multi-national corporations worldwide. Plus important public sector organisations, including schools, hospitals, local and national government.  

UK Business enquiry examples

Enquiry 1:

Job titles: Office Manager, Marketing Manager, Event Organiser, Marketing Executive, PA, EA, admin assistant, HR administrative assistant, HR administrator, HR Coordinator in Central London zone 1 postcodes within the Professional services companies or financial services industry sectors, for both telephone and email sample records.

Enquiry 2:

Job titles: Contract Manager and/or Procurement (manager or above) in the UK and EU, for email sample (which included telephone number), in all Industry Sectors. In total, the client purchased 4,114 records from us.

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Millions of US Business Prospects

Our super compliant, 1-stop shop marketing data solutions for businesses like yours run throughout the US. Our dedicated data experts are on-hand to listen to your data requirements and deliver a tailored list package that will ensure successful marketing results. We always work within US compliant and ethical data usage policies, so that you stay safe and up to date with fast changing legislation, in the right state at the right time.  

We help get to know your prospect and customer base and deliver your single-minded proposition to exactly your target market. 

When you choose to work with our US Business team, you know you are buying clean, enhanced data lists. Use our experience in data, compliance and marketing and we can help you with marketing solutions at the right price.  

·       We know data – we’ll guide you through the maze of buying and managing US direct marketing lists.

·       Flexible – we understand your requirements and give you a US focused proposal.

·       Clarity– we keep all our deals open and transparent, so you can see exactly what you’re buying.

·       US solutions. US results – we are experienced in working within US direct marketing laws and understand how to gain the best success for your campaign.

USA Business enquiry examples

Enquiry 1:

Head offices with 500 plus employees in Financial services.

Enquiry 2:

Companies within the printing industry.

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Millions of Global Business Prospects 

Direct access to more than 80 million businesses and 120 million named key decision makers around the globe allows us to provide you with comprehensive and consistent multi-national B2B coverage.  

Consider your global reach of the future. Business prospects from every corner of the globe visit your website. 

There is a future where multi-channel businesses with fully checked customer insight are within your reach  proofed and compliant.

Global Business enquiry examples 

Enquiry 1:

Banks in China, Wealth management and Hedge funds in the USA (New York State only), Oil companies and General commodities in the Middle East, for both telephone and email sample records. In total the client ordered 10,557 records from us matching their criteria.

Enquiry 2:

Healthcare Professionals – General Practioners and Cardiologists in Latin America 

One stop – multiple sources 

We’ve partnered with high quality data providers throughout the globe, so when you choose us to supply your data, you work with the cream of international data providers. It’s only by combining data that you can gain a complete perspective of your customers and prospects. 

You can build a tailored data pool that will build deeper insight, create target segments and deliver effective direct marketing results.   

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