Profiling & Mapping

(services only available for UK data)

More Leads – More Sales

We’ve supplied sales leads for business and consumer marketing campaigns for over 20 years. These leads are used to raise brand awareness and generate enquires, leading to increased sales for our customers.


We can help you find new customers

We can do the work for you through our profiling service

All you need to do is provide us with a copy of the addresses from your customer database. We’ll look up those addresses on our large database and profile the individuals living there.

Our next step is to identify these individuals with a similar profile to your customers. These people now become prime prospects for marketing.

We can show you exactly where each client and prospect is located using our UK mapping software. We provide maps by postcodes, radius or drive time analyses.

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Don’t take risks with your customers… take Risk-E

Use the Prime Prospects Risk-Evaluation service to:

· Profile your customers
· Extract insights
· Identify key targets
· Plan your marketing campaign

Customer profiling is a key technique for major companies to develop marketing and sales plans. However, the costs are frequently beyond the budget of smaller companies.


That’s why we developed Risk-E

We use predictive analytics to:

· Provide a cost-efficient analysis of your customer base
· Identify key attributes to target prospective customers
· Develop appropriate sales and marketing materials


How does it work?

You provide us a copy of the postcodes from your customer database. That’s all – no names or other information.

We select the people living in the postcodes where your customers live and identify individuals with similar profiles to your customers. These become your prime prospects!


Profile variables available include:

· Gender
· Age
· Marital status
· Local Authority
· House information, including: value, type, year built, ownership, insurance, council tax band)
· Household/individual income
· Region
· Family composition
· Household/individual shareholdings
· Parents of children/ number of children
· Director
· Company information
· Vehicle make and model, including: year of purchase, insurance, registration
· Employment status
· Occupation
· Millionaires
· Gambler
· Landlord
· SEG (Socio-Economic Group)
· People on the electoral roll

And many more…

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